Xingye textile, the name starts with X. Our logo is come from this X, the design symbol performance as the multiple latitude and longitude silk threads, after undergoing the tatting processing, forms along the slippery lining, the dyeing post-processing unfolds the multi-color riotous color world elegantly.

Xingye textile has one overall team which has the rigid discipline to strive for success progresses, we according to the quality control system, are responsible earnestly strictly to the production in each detail, the perfect responsibility system to each post, strictly requests the security and the environmental consciousness enhancement to each staffs, achieves the spirit and the idea merges a body.

Xingye textile displays the Xingye brand by “a sense of responsibility creates higher value” the pledge. This pledge means that “harbors to the customer and society's infinite sense of responsibility, handles each matter attentively truly, provides solution which the society and the customer anticipated, thus incessant realization higher value.” we practical fulfillment this pledge, will insist the enterprise idea diligently, into social and customer faith enterprise.