1, users of non-personal information We will be your IP address to collect non-personal information, such as the nature of your browser, operating system type, to provide you with access to the ISP's domain, so as to optimize on your computer screen displayed on the page. By collecting the above information, we have also carried passenger traffic statistics, to improve site management and service delivery.

2, personal data
2.1 When you register online for users to participate in public forums and other activities, in and confirm your consent, this site will be through registration forms, order forms require you to provide some personal data. These personal data include:
2.1.1 personally identifiable information: such as name, gender, age, date of birth, identity card number (or passport number), telephone, mailing address, home address, e-mail addresses, and so on. 2
.1.2 Personal background: occupation, educational level, income, marital, family status.
2.2 Please understand that without your prior consent and confirmation, the site will not be for you to participate in specific activities on this website the information provided in the use of other purposes. However, according to the following provisions of Article 6 of the Government and unless the law requires disclosure.

3, Information Security Web
3.1 will be the information you provide strict management and protection, this site will use the appropriate technology, to prevent your personal information lost, stolen or tampered with.
3.2 site was commissioned, when necessary, on behalf of professional and technical personnel to carry out the type of information for computer processing, to meet the needs of the times the professional division of labor. If the site will serve notice of the computer to deal with you, and you do not notice time provided explicit opposition to the initiative, the website will be presumed that you have agreed. However, in the following if you are still entitled to the following provisions of Article 4.1.4, dealing with the request to stop the computer.

4, User Rights Your personal data for their own enjoyment of the right:
4.1 viewed at any time inquiries and requests;
4.2 The request to add or correct at any time;
4.3 The request to delete at any time;
4.4 The request to stop processing and use of computers.

5, limit the use of the principle of However, this site in one of the following conditions are met, on the collection of personal information outside the scope of the necessary use of:
5.1 has been made in your written consent;
5.2 to remove your life, body or property of the urgent danger;
5.3 In order to prevent significant harm the interests of others;
5.4 to promote the public interest, and the sound of your major interests.

6, the disclosure of personal data When government agencies in accordance with legal procedures require the disclosure of personal information on this website, the website will be in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement agencies or for the purpose of public safety to provide personal data. In the circumstances of any disclosure, a disclaimer on this website are.